National Geographic Missed This One.

The summer sun, the cool breeze, the sound of electronic dance music casually playing out of a rolled down car window, I'd say I'm more of a spring and summer kind of guy.

There is beauty however in the other seasons. Snow for example, seeing the landscapes covered in a blanket of white. Not to mentioned playing with it especially when you know it's that packable kind of snow in which effortlessly forms into a snowball between your hands. It's magical.

Earlier this month, I had the utmost appreciation for nature and God's creation as it was snowing one morning as students traveled between classes. Snow fell everywhere on campus including near one of the signature locations on Millersville University's campus, the pond. Seeing the swans Miller & S'Ville close to the pond's edge, as I trekked to University Marketing had me pause and aww at it's beauty. Complementing their already beautiful white feathers, it was seeing the snow shower around them was like watching something straight out of a National Geographic wild life documentary film.

I didn't need further motivation. Almost instinctively, I held onto my umbrella, reached for my camera and began to capture this wondrous moment during the peak season of Winter. Shared below is that moment in time.