What Inspires You To Travel?

© 2017 AntBurgos.

© 2017 AntBurgos.

White covered snowbanks,

warm jackets and the rich taste of freshly served hot chocolate? YES. But wait. How about...

Warm sandy beaches,

crystal clear blue water and the mild blanket of heat beating on your freshly sunscreen applied skin? YES.

When considering travel, it can be a daunting task. With choosing to visit new and exotic places you haven’t been to before, the options appear endless. Budget aside, there are so many sights to see and cultures to explore, you almost wonder if it’s easier to just spin a globe and stop it mid cycle to see what country it points you to.

Whether a style of music is popular in a given region or a city is known for fostering musical artists, music can serve as an influence when deciding on a destination to travel. What I experienced earlier this year was the latter. I was given an opportunity that catered to two of my aspirations. Travel and Video Production. I was extended an invitation to visit a music-rich place and produce a video of the experience. Our destination? The beautiful Music City. The city of Nashville, Tennessee.

On paper, my task was simple. Hired to travel and produce a video. Simple enough right?

Well there’s a lot that comes into being prepared for a video project, let alone a shoot where you fly 632 miles away from your hometown. You have to worry about:

  • Equipment and computer batteries being charged
  • Lenses and camera(s) being cleaned
  • Creating an inventory checklist
  • SD cards being cleared

After these four C’s are complete, among other things, you still need to fit everything accordingly in as efficient of a backpack as you can for flight. It’s a pretty extensive process.

I traveled with a great group of music business & technology majors who were passionate about visiting and seeing all what makes Nashville.. well.. Nashville. Once looking at the itinerary, we were given the idea of the locations we would be visiting and people we would be seeing. From visiting and touring the Musicians Hall of Fame Museum, to seeing the amazing greenery and sites while staying at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center. It was an unforgettable experience.

Upon returning home I was hard at work in compiling together the 100GB+ of footage and putting it all together. Nashville was officially on my list of visited cities. Upon completion of the video, the experience inspired me to want to travel further and capture other unique travel locations. God willing, there may be an opportunity for me to tour Europe in the near future, but I’ll save that for a future time.

You can check out the video link below. Where would you like to visit or travel to?