About Me


Hey there,

My name is Anthony. I've always had a fascination with visual content since I was younger. I am passionate about creating creative content. Using cinematography, photography, and motion design, I enjoy filming special moments, editing event recaps or even helping capture and retell an entrepreneurs story. As a tech enthusiast at heart and peanut butter & jelly lover, we'll talk anything from tech, video creation as well as life and travel experiences.


As a content creator, I'm not sure there's a better way of introducing oneself then in providing a demo reel. A demo reel can serve as a great way to express yourself and show others a little glimpse into your view on the world. Take a look below at a mashup of clips of projects I've worked on to get a little glimpse into my passion.

I appreciate you taking the time to view my page. If you'd like to stay connected, collab or inquire about a project I encourage you to reach out to me at the social media links below. Thanks again!